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The Slutty Blogger! - Alexis Tae

Description: Alexis Tae loves to blog. It's a night-time ritual for her. Alexis uses her writing as a release. It helps her deal with the daily stress life tosses our way: drama, boyfriends, school, know. All of it. Like most millennials, Alexis loves to vape. For the same reason I just mentioned. Stress relief. Oh...Alexis also has an oral fixation. She loves having something in her mouth almost always, and if it's not her vape pen, it's a dick. Alexis is a cocksucker. A horny one, too. Alexis is always horny. Just look at her. Grinding her hips on the bed as she blogs. Doesn't take too long fir her fingers to find her sopping, wet cunt. And from's on! Alexis sucks and fucks until her cute, exotic face is splattered with Mr. POV's hot, thick wad. Alexis wouldn't have it any other way.
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