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I Care About You - Kendra Spade

Description: Kendra attends her friend’s bachelorette party and the event is a bit more than she can handle. When she gets back to her friend’s house at the end of a sloppy night, Tyler- who had been at the house hanging with her friend’s fiance- seeing how distracted she is, refuses to let her drive home. Being the sweet guy that he is, he takes care of Kendra and ensures that she has everything she needs. Kendra had been into Tyler for ages and tries to get with him. Though flattered, Tyler isn’t that kind of guy- he knows she’s way too upset to make that kind of call. He kindly puts her to bed and takes off. The next day, though, once the sun comes out...Kendra lets Tyler know that her feelings for him, while emboldened by the event, had been a long time in the making.
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