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Shiho Tachibana gets a massage combined with amazing sex

Description: Shiho Tachibana comes to get an oil massage. She takes the clothes off and gets on the massage table. Shishio has the legs massaged with oil and then, her neck. She changes the position, on her back, having her legs massaged again. When this massage is combined with stretching moves, she is touched so close to her hairy pussy. Her round boobs are fondled with oil and although the guy asks her different questions, it’s obvious that she is aroused. Sitting with the behind up in the air, Shiho has her ass massaged and she trembles, because the masseur is so close to her slit, again. She gets compliments while her boobs are massaged and squeezed more. In this position, Shiho gets the man’s middle finger in her poonanie, with firm and sudden moves that make her moan. She has her position changed again, having the tits massaged even more, and her clit is rubbed so fast until she cums. This babe is so turned on that she responses to the man’s kiss with the tongue. She admits that she wants the man’s cock and after sucking it, her other special request is to have the dong in her pussy. Shiho is fucked missionary, harder and harder and she loves it so much! She is screwed from behind very deep before she rides the dick moving on it just as she wants to. Another round of fast and strong fucking makes Shiho go insane. She ends with a lot of cum pouring from her crack!
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