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Cheating wife Emi Sasaki is fucked by her father in law

Description: Emi is heard by her father in law saying that she wants a baby from her ill husband. So, he offers to give her the wanted baby after having a wild adventure with her. Emi is woken up by her ‘dad’ who keeps on touching her all over the body. She opposes again and again, but this man kisses her and sucks her brown nipples. He compliments her for the hot body and she puts her with the ass up in the air. Emi has the hairy pussy licked and the clit rubbed. After receiving more compliments about her skin and about her holes, this babe is fucked with two fingers. She finally admits that is feels good to be fingered and she takes the man’s cock in her mouth. Emi sucks the dick slowly at the beginning, faster and faster, then. Missionary and from behind, this slutty is fucked with rough and sudden moves. She has to admit once again how good it feels! Emi is fucked doggy style, hard and deep. This man promises Emi that he will fuck her a lot and she can only be happy about it. She is screwed so fast that her boobies shake without any control. Her crack gets a lot frigging, harder and harder. Emi keeps on repeating how good it feels to feel such a hard dick inside her. The fellow cums and then he sticks a finger inside the slut’s full of sperm crack. What an experience for this wife!
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