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Maika and Miyama Aoi are caught in elevator gangbang

Description: Sexy Maika and Aoi Myiama are in the elevator with their boss and with some other dudes. Before getting to the wanted floor, the elevator stops working. The emergency line it doesn’t work, the phones have no signal, so these people are all stuck in the elevator. A guy tries to find ways to unlock the doors, but all their attempts fail. Not only the two gals are scared, but they need to pee. As the time goes buy and no one comes to save them, the situation gets worst because Maika and Aoi really have to urinate. Suddenly, the men in the elevator start touching Maika and Aio, although the man they are with tries to keep them away. He is put down and the babes are touched all over, undressed and their tits are squeezed. Maika has the hairy pussy licked before the both her and her girlfriend suck cocks, same time. They are both nailed same time, while Maika strokes two dicks. The doggy style frigging happens the same time, for the both gals. Maika is deeply fucked while standing, next to Aio who sucks a dick. From time to time these girls cum from all the drilling they receive. Both Maika and Aoi ride two dicks same time, in the reverse cowgirl position. Naughty Maika strokes the dick and gets all the cum on her juicy tits. Aoi gets the cum on her boobies, too, right from the man’s boner. What a way to be stuck!
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