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Sinful Therapist Ako Nishino Gets Dicked Hard

Description: Sometimes, you just have to find the right moment for your chance to get laid by a hot chick. For this guy, his girl problems just landed him the best score; a hot traditional therapist. He went to her to solve his issues with his girlfriend but something took over her. The spirit of horny possessed her and made her jump on him like a wild animal. Confused with the situation he is in, he goes along with it. Already rock hard, he leans back and watches as Ako sucks him off. Now that she’s got him in the mood for sex, Ako spreads out her legs so that he can get a taste of the pussy he’s been missing. He has now forgotten all about his girl at home and is pounding Ako like a rabbit. Ako gives him one more good tug before he fucks her again. All this sexual build-up has led them to bang like never before. The two try out a couple more positions before Ako receives a load in her pussy… and it’s quite a load. Now satisfied with the sexual experience he’s had, he can now go back to his girl without getting boners all the time.

Duration: 19:04
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